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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022!

For these Christmas holidays; a glimmer of hope, a sack of joy and good humor, a cart of health and thousands of seeds to continue to grow organic food in a respectful and sustainable way.

To all the people who believe in our project: thank you for joining us!

In catalan, now and always

Our sincere and convinced defense of environmentalism and sustainable rural and local development can never be detached from our respect and love for our land, culture and language. For this reason, we do not eliminate but promote Catalan in each and every one of our packaging, especially those for export.

At this moment, anyone who wants to know about Hort del Silenci project can do so in spanish, english and french. But, specially, in our reference lenguage, which is now an always catalan. Just as we believe in and work on the recovery of ancient crops (because we think they are healthier and more sustainable for the landscape and our health), so we also look after the use and preservation of our language. We value the richness and diversity that it brings to our society and, consequently, to the world heritage. Now and always, in Catalan.

Food sovereignty

From Hort del Silenci we vindicate food sobirania, highlighting the work of the farmer and giving value to what we produce; certified organic and local food. We ourselves grow, pack, process and distribute directly. In this way, we take care of the territory and the landscape. We also help to avoid rural depopulation, creating new job opportunities. It is about finding (and maintaining) a balance between the origin of the products and the final consumer. We want (and believe) that we can offer quality food, grown at home.

We also want to show new business models to people who live in the city and have the concern of moving to the countryside, promoting ethical and transparent business models. There is no doubt, we are what we say we are: farmers and processors. And, in addition, we also make a firm commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. We have to take care of each other.

We recover traditional crops

One of our biggest obsessions is preserve those crops and those recipes that have fed us so healthily since time immemorial. Unfortunately, we are currently at risk of losing them. We are talking about old cereal and legume crops, which retain all their properties intact and have not been genetically modified. We also refer to the elaboration of the different flours and specialties that we produce from these cereals and legumes, ground in a stone mill to respect as much as possible their nutritional and organoleptic qualities. And, of course, we also talk about the traditional recipes that appear in the old reference recipes of our gastronomic culture, the basis of our preserves and prepared dishes.

  • Cereals: Florence Aurora, Egyptian Wheat or Khorasan, Spelled
  • Legumes: Pardina Lentil and Alta Segarra Chickpea

Take a look at our catalog to discover traditional recipes, packaged in glass jars and innovative elaborations with old cereals and legumes in sustainable packaging.

Award for Business Growth in Innovation

Last week we experienced one of the most special nights of our career. We went to the VI Night of Catalan Gourmet, organized by the Gourmet Cluster of Catalonia and we received the award for Business Growth in Innovation. The award underlines our determined commitment to innovate in healthy, ecological, sustainable and local products, promoting our own crops.

Happy to share with you all the awards we are receiving! Motivated to continue working from the territory and for the territory. Without ever losing the essence of our origins; to produce healthy and wholesome products, in a sustainable and responsible way. Look at these photos from the evening. 📸☺️

Sustainable agricultural practices

We have already said that our products are made from our own crops, but we also want to tell you that in these crops, we apply sustainable agricultural practices. Because caring for the environment and the landscape is also caring for ourselves. For example, we carry out “crop rotation”. This rotation is very beneficial for the field, especially in the case of organic plantations like ours.

Benefits for the field:

  • It promotes biodiversity
  • Improves and balances soil structure
  • Prevents nutritional depletion of the soil

Benefits for the farmer:

  • It reduces the contribution of fertilizer, as the previous crop feeds, in part, the subsequent one
  • Promotes the control of weeds, diseases and pests
  • It diversifies production, gaining resilience and expanding its crop supply

Consumer benefits:

  • Healthier products, grown without herbicides
  • Products of higher quality and flavor because they have received softer fertilizer (less nitrogen) that provides more dry matter to the final product
  • Contribution and co-responsibility together with the farmer, welfare and care for the environment

How to avoid food waste; bulk and family formats

Every day, the fever to produce and sell (and sometimes also too much comfort on the part of consumers) leaves a lot of food without a buyer or a waste. Fortunately, for some time now, we have all been realizing that we need to rethink the current model in search of balance, respect for food and the environment. And we must do so taking into account sustainable criteria, which avoid production beyond our means, which use appropriate packaging and guide us towards responsible consumption.

What does Hort del Silenci do in this regard? We offer family formats that allow us to save on packaging (sustainability) and also help us save on our purchase (savings). In paper bags or cardboard boxes, we sell pasta, legumes, cereals, flours and other processed foods:

  • Pasta: 500g and 5 kg
  • Cereals, flours and processed: 500g, 5 kg and 20 kg
  • Legumes: 250g, 500g, 25kg and 5 kg

We also direct our production to the professional sector and the food service; restaurants, hospitals, school canteens, communities…and we do it in bulk format and in paper bags. We think it’s the best way to help stop food waste and build well-being for all of us. And because we want to get the food we produce through a healthy, wholesome and sustainable diet.

In October, we go to gastronomic fairs!

A busy month of October awaits us, throughout which you will find us at various food and agriculture fairs; one in Terrassa and two in Barcelona. We want to get closer to you and hope taht you come to our stand!! We want to explain our history and project first-hand, but above all, we want to present you the latest news in products and packaging. We are sure that they will not leave you indifferent!! What do we bet? 😏

  • Terrassa Gastronómica Fair (general public): Saturday, October 9. 11am to 8pm. Raval de Montserrat.
  • Barcelona Food Fair. Local Catalan foods (general public and professionals): October 16, 17 and 18. 3pm to 7pm. Dome Events – Las Arenas
  • Gastronomic Forum Barcelona (professionals): October 18, 19 and 20. 10am to 7pm. Fira Barcelona – Montjuïc venue (Hall 8, Level 0, Street B, Stand 249)

At Hort del Silenci we are adapting to the needs and demands of the current market. But the engine of all our adventures continues to be the maintenance of our origins. Raimon already said it, “whoever loses their origins, loses identity.

New trends and food security

As the saying goes: renew or die. Society is constantly demanding changes and, for this reason, we are adding new criteria to our production, much in demand in the current market but little existing; officially certified foods as vegan and gluten-free.

In this way, we continue with the line of officially certifying everything we grow and produce (own and local crops), depending on the characteristics of each product. We currently have the following certifications:

Organic food
✅Vegan food
✅Gluten-free products
✅Convenience sale
✅ JustFair trade

Each and every one of our products, without exception, has the European ecological certification. That is why customers and consumers will have absolute certainty about what you are buying and storing in your pantry.

Own crops; following the traceability of our products

At Hort del Silenci we maintain our roots by conserving and promoting the production of our own crops that are the basis of our products. In particular, we grow cereals and legumes. That’s why we continue to be what we say: farmers and processors.

We live in a globalized world where people are increasingly demanding and demand to know the traceability of the foods that fill their pantry. It’s okay to be like that, because Food is health. In this sense, we offer no doubt. Our products are made from our own, local crops. We are located in central Catalonia, mainly in the region of La Segarra and La Noguera and enjoy a continental Mediterranean microclimate, very cold in winter and hot in summer.

We are aware that what we eat has an impact on our health. Therefore, we recover traditional seeds of old cereals, which retain intact all their properties and have not been genetically modified. We also make different flours produced from cereals and legumes ground in a stone mill to maximize their nutritional and organoleptic qualities. On any of our products, you will find the certified organic food stamp. We are committed to a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet.

Our goal is to create a relationship of trust with the consumer. For this reason, we are committed to creating a new line of packaging that, in addition to being sustainable, provides as much information as possible about the product and about us. In the new cardboard boxes, which contain different varieties of pasta, grain legumes, pastry packaged flours and gluten-free legume flours, you will find extensive information. You can follow the traceability of our products without any problems!

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